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  • Arts exam before the exam mutual warm-up girls February 21, 2016

    Another year spring, Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Drama …… so many of these men and women dream of college, once again usher in the art interview candidates. Many people think that only the entrance and June together. In ... Continue Reading

  • Super Efficient stovepipe action December 30, 2015

    Here are three ways to stick to it, I believe that soon you’ll stovepipe success: 1. Every morning and evening on the squat stand at 100, can be reduced in many places, particularly evident in the lower leg. The premise is ... Continue Reading

  • Simple stovepipe operation December 19, 2015

    Thigh is the site most likely to accumulate fat, especially the inner thigh. Recommend this stovepipe exercises and stick to it, will be thin! Slender legs will not only make you look slim and sexy look, will give your body ... Continue Reading